How To Make Homemade Vanilla Greek Yogurt

September 1, 2017

How To Make Homemade Vanilla Greek Yogurt

How to Make Your Own Custom 3DS Theme

If a conflict occurs during a rebase operation, the rebase operation stops and the developer needs to resolve the conflict. After he has solved the conflicts, the developer instructs Git to continue with the rebase operation.. CDT has moved from CVS repository to Git. See Getting started with CDT development

iOS 9 Security Flaw Lets Anyone Bypass The Lock Screen, Here’s How To Protect Your Device

Roll the forward band up onto the the hold down stick, against the wing.. Can I Check the Availability of Individual Homes?  

How small can you make an atomic blast? How to Turn Off Notification Sounds in Windows 10

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 home > House Plans > 1935 Sears Honor Bilt. The easiest way to install GNU Octave on Microsoft Windows is using MXE builds. For the current 4.0. release installers and zip archived packages can be found at Unofficial 64 bit binary is available at "File list of Octave for Windows".

Sobro Cooler Coffee Table will charge your iPhone and chill your drinks

Upon launching, some warnings may be displayed. The following warnings can be ignored:. Jack, do you have a prior save? What I had to do was invest as soon as I finished the mission. You should see a 50 percent return (or more) if you invest right after the mission. Hope it helps

How should I make a poll for my website? [closed]

Nice tutorial. All the commands run successfully but I did not get a single ARP packet even after getting 30000 packets, should I continue? By the way what is the meaning of not getting a ARP packet. Thanks. Submit your product review. Submit your review Name: *Email: *Review Title: Ability Level: *Riding Style: *Days You Ride A Year: *Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): Rating: 12345 Review: * Required Field Check this box to confirm you are human. Jones Flagship 2011-2018 Snowboard Review SKU UPC Model Charging Jones Flagship 2011-2018 Snowboard Review Nov 22, 2017 by  Alex Peterson Ability Level: Advanced • Riding Style: All mountain • Days You Ride A Year: 30-40 • Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 6’0” 188lbs 10boots cartels or trice pro  I had the 2015 flagship and 20 plus days on it. Overall, I felt this board really excelled in deep untouched snow. In uneven snow it was more of a mixed review. In groomed snow, jumps and in the park I actually enjoyed it. Where I would personally improve it is decreasing the length angle, entry point and amount of rocker in the nose. It felt like I lost a lot of surface area when riding in a natural plane position with the snow I.e most of the nose was pretty high off the snow and not adding float. It also felt that once the nose engaged with the snow, the entry side cut would pull me weirdly. I think spoon 4 would really alleviate this transition. I did get to ride this in Japan, top of Niseko and in that snow it was amazing. I I’d definitely recommend, especially with the spoon 4 nose. This would help alleviate the transition between nose, contact area, and and tail. product 0.3 Shred Everything Board Jones Flagship 2011-2018 Snowboard Review Jan 14, 2016 by  Brent Person Ability Level: Advanced - Expert • Riding Style: All Mountian Freeride • Days You Ride A Year: 30+ • Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'10" 155lbs size 10 boot  First things first. It doesn't matter what you're doing this board wants to do it at high speeds. I hurt my back hip so sitting back on the tail while riding powder wasn't an option.....And guess what...I didn't need it. I was able to ride powder like a groomed run with ease. Board just floated. The turn initiation was extremely fast and easy. I never caught an edge. This board is stiff so it takes a bit to get used to how it handles. I had it dialed in after the fourth run. This board will shred everything in site. I used some Rome Targa's so I didn't notice the rough ride later in the day. IT was gravy all day!!! I came from a 2014 burton process flying v. Although it's an awesome board very easy to ride it lacked for what I wanted. product 0.3 Quiver Killer Jones Flagship 2011-2018 Snowboard Review Mar 04, 2015 by  Chris Ability Level: Intermediate / Advanced • Riding Style: Freeride • Days You Ride A Year: 10-20  I live in CT and mainly ride New England resorts. I encounter a mixture of conditions, from blue ice to deep pow. Also, I do a fair amount of traveling (Mt Hood, Vail every year). Because of this, I searched for a "do it all" board that would handle anything that i threw at it. I tried a number of different hybrid camber/rocker boards, but none of them really worked right for me and finding one in a wide model was tough. Enter the Jones Flagship. I picked up a 168 wide model on closeout and rode it for 3 days at Vail in conditions ranging from 2' of powder to hardpack to ice. The board doesn't float as well as a dedicated pow board, but sliding my stance back allowed me to ride without al of my weight on the back foot. On the last day of our trip, the pow was gone, so we rode groomers all day and I found that the Flagship can really lay over a nice carve. It's won't let you get all euro-laid out carvey, but it holds an edge on some pretty hard snow. There is no board out there that will be the best in all conditions. However, the Flagship gets the job done in all conditions. One note, this board is pretty stiff and will not be easy to ride if you are a "lazy" rider. For instance, lets say you are on a rough trail that has inconsistent snow, if you put the Flagship on edge it will slice through the crud and keep you moving quickly. However, if you try and skid your turns you fill get a really rough ride. I would not recommend this board to anyone who can't carve a clean turn. However, in the hands of someone who has their technique down, it's a killer option for any conditions. product 0.3 4.7 5.0 3 3 I had the 2015 flagship and 20 plus days on it. Overall, I felt this board really excelled in deep untouched snow. In uneven snow it was more of a mixed review. In groomed snow, ju Jones Flagship 2011-2018 Snowboard Review

How To Make Crispy Gobi Manchurian Recipe

February 14, 2007

How To Make Crispy Gobi Manchurian Recipe

5 listings in the East Bay, where prices are less than nearby San Francisco

Make some changes in one of your non-bare local repositories and push them to your bare repository via the following commands.. Git provides hooks for the client and for the server side. On the server side you can use the pre-receive and post-receive script to check the input or to trigger actions after the commit. The usage of a server commit hook requires that you have access to the server. Hosting providers like GitHub or Bitbucket do not offer this access.

What is a cute way to ask out a girl?

Next I added a little Minwax Early American and wiped it off.. Dip your flat brush into the glaze and drag it over the wood. The glaze really accentuates the grain in the wood.

CI-Jess-Abbott-Pink-bird-wings-hot-glue10_h How To :                       Figure out which way is North in Minecraft

Scroll on down to the bottom to watch the video of this djembe being played.

If you are using older version you will need to manually fix the problem:. …..has always been the business model for GoBob Pipe & Steel.  “When we started this company in 2001,”says Bob Studebaker, managing member, “We had a choice.  We could either take the high road or the low road.  By that, I mean we could choose to see how cheap we could sell stuff or we could build heavy durable long lasting equipment. There is a market for both”.  GoBob obviously chose the high road as evidenced by the construction of the feeders, trailers and equipment they provide.  After successfully producing equipment that was common but in a heavier format, GoBob set their sights on bringing new innovative equipment to the market.  “Time is money and we recognize that if a rancher can work cattle quicker, haul hay faster, feed with less waste and have fewer breakdowns, he or she will have a healthier bottom line” states Studebaker.  “That’s why they are in business!”

A good mix of introverts and extroverts

Thank you very much for this project! It works great for me!. I wonder if the teeth/gum problems occur when people are making the horses extract via 1” or 1.5” openings… You don’t need to to restrict the rate of feeding if you use low sugar hay! I have drafts, half-drafts and Andalusian – all known to be ‘easy keepers’ and to gain weight in a heartbeat – so I think they’re a pretty good test group.

Sewing, Crafts & Party Supplies

To explain how we can help you it’s important you understand our background. It’s essential you realise how we are qualified to offer the advice you need to make this work for you. Choice Overseas Homes is a family business developed over the last 16 – 173 years following the purchase of our own Orlando Rental Home back in 2001. This investment brought us to where we are today as owners of 3 companies which specialise in finding buyers the right home, renting their home and managing the home to the required standard that guests choose to return year after year.. The player can choose the Sim's full name, age, gender, skin tone, weight and muscle tone.

How To Make Gobi Manchurian Recipe In Kannada

June 15, 2004

How To Make Gobi Manchurian Recipe In Kannada

Kids' Halloween Costume: Simple-Sew Princess Dress 16 Photos

If you have untracked files in your working tree which you want to remove, you can use the git clean command.. The following commands create several commits which will be used for the interactive rebase.

11 Thoughtful DIY Gifts This Mother’s Day

The Powerline Wavemaster was developed for power hitters who want the benefits of a free standing heavy bag, but with additional padding. It has double the padding of the Original, and although adjustable, it is still significantly smaller than the XXL, which means it’s not as versatile of a bag.. See

News :                       160-Piece Arsenal of Life-Sized LEGO Weapons How To :                       Build a Lego bionicle snake and cordak gun turret

How To : Hack a Vending Machine in 40 Seconds

'MyWorkspace' and 'MyProject' replace with whatever is fitting for your purpose.. The Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation is proud of the partnership we have with GoBob Pipe and Steel and greatly appreciate them helping support the further education of young cattlemen such as Jarred Strate.

Q: What Are the Characteristics of Multicellular Organisms?

The Muccis will have it installed along crowding alleys and other areas that receive heavy livestock pressure.. Make the wing pattern. Start by making two marks 5 3/16″ apart along one of the straight edges of the cardboard.

younnn    11

Shape the curve with your fingers until it fits the rib pattern. (This is where that seventh crease helps the aft portion conform to the rib curve.). We love Orlando and we want you to get the most out of your Disney vacation time. Our beautiful vacation homes are all perfectly located just 5 minutes drive from the Walt Disney World resort, which is home to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios, Disney Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs/Downtown Disney, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and ESPN Wide World of Sports. Just 10-15 minutes drive from our vacation homes you'll find SeaWorld, Aquatica, Discovery Cove, OrlandoEYE, SeaLife, Madame Tussauds, Volcano Bay, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and the Orange County Convention Center. At InnHouse we have exactly the kind of vacation home you need for your Orlando - Disney World vacation.

How To Create A Gradient Layer Mask In Photoshop

November 28, 2013

How To Create A Gradient Layer Mask In Photoshop

15+ Sample Recommendation Letter Formats

Activate your legs: skin of the feet spreading, heels stretching away from the buttocks, front thighs lifting, thigh bones pressing down.. It’s time for your Sims to live luxuriously with The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff. Dress Sims in stunning vintage fashions and accessories, then try on makeup at the vanity table. Adorn your Sim’s home with high-end furnishings and even hire a butler to fulfill their every need.

Upcycled Wood Hanger Magazine Rack

It is safe to delete a remote branch in your local Git repository, this does not affect a remote repository. The next time you run the git fetch command, the remote branch is recreated. You can use the following command for that.. Our current release function includes:

Epson Ink 702 Cyan Yellow Magenta Standard Capacity How To :                       Turn a Microwave Oven Transformer into a High Amperage Metal Melter!

How to Crack WEP Wi-Fi Encryption Using Kali Linux

(Note: See these two FAQ entries to decide whether to use a Standard Make project or use a Managed Make project.). Strate graduated from Garber High School in 2014. Following high school Strate completed the AWS Certified Welding Technology Program at Autry Technology Center and is currently attending Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology with expectations of completing the Natural Gas Compression Program in the summer of 2016.

How To : Use the console commands for Call of Duty: Black Ops

Well there’s nothing wrong with your boxes Jocelyn – maybe you just need to cut the holes bigger? Or even just join 3 holes together to make a triangle cut-out – because 2 holes joined may not be wide enough… But I would experiment one at a time, or with both!. To keep muscles working for a longer period of time, muscle fibers contain several important energy molecules. Myoglobin, a red pigment found in muscles, contains iron and stores oxygen in a manner similar to hemoglobin in the blood. The oxygen from myoglobin allows muscles to continue aerobic respiration in the absence of oxygen. Another chemical that helps to keep muscles working is creatine phosphate. Muscles use energy in the form of ATP, converting ATP to ADP to release its energy. Creatine phosphate donates its phosphate group to ADP to turn it back into ATP in order to provide extra energy to the muscle. Finally, muscle fibers contain energy-storing glycogen, a large macromolecule made of many linked glucoses. Active muscles break glucoses off of glycogen molecules to provide an internal fuel supply.

How To : Clean your AC drain if water is spilling into your car

“I met An through her vacation property management company, when I bought my first Orlando home in 2003. The service provided by An and her team has been excellent. Since I live in the UK it was very important for me to finds a trustworthy management company which was able to respond to my concerns and to those of my guests in an efficient manner. As the burden of taking care of my home was greatly reduced by An’s work, I was able to add other quality homes to my portfolio in Florida, again with An and her team’s help. I cannot speak highly enough of the service and commitment shown by An in relation to buying, selling and managing my properties in the Orlando area.”. GHQ Models - Lots of nice paper model buildings at the bottom of the page. Other war gaming componants as well.

How To Make Teriyaki Chicken Wings In Oven

April 18, 2004

How To Make Teriyaki Chicken Wings In Oven

How do I report a bug or request a feature?

I first also thought that a softer (medium flex) board would be a good option. But the point is that I usually dont like changing my board that often when I am used to it. And I dont know how it is in powder with a softer board like the typo as I really like to go out in the pow. My old board was pretty hard work in pow.. Not only do I want to thank you for a simple solution to what was a very complicated issue for me, but I would like to also welcome you to my site. This is what my blog is partially about. Simple solutions to real problems......This was a prime example. It took me two weeks of fustration, to come across this post, and I was able to copy, paste and and edit, then save.......NO PROBLEMS!!!!! Please stop by ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!

Andante – 38′ Semi-Displacement Cruising Yacht

Wait for the completion of one or more child processes. idtype can be P_PID, P_PGID or P_ALL. id specifies the pid to wait on. options is constructed from the ORing of one or more of WEXITED, WSTOPPED or WCONTINUED and additionally may be ORed with WNOHANG or WNOWAIT. The return value is an object representing the data contained in the siginfo_t structure, namely: si_pid, si_uid, si_signo, si_status, si_code or None if WNOHANG is specified and there are no children in a waitable state.. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

4-PACK Epson GENUINE 220 Black & Color Ink (NO RETAIL BOX) WORKFORCE WF-2630 Video Tutorial to Restore iPhone

Your recommended daily water intake is higher during pregnancy

Station:      If you are planning to have a large station you may want to position it on the board at the same time that you start positioning the track. You may need to make room for it at the edge of the base board or take out a siding to make room for it.. “how to search in google”

Why does my dog chew at his paws?

So for $A2, when it is copied, the column letter will always be A, but the row numbers will change to $A3, $A4, $A5, and so on.. Lucky you! Upholstery specific foam would have cost me well over $30+ per yard! Plain foam will work just as well (if not better) than egg crate foam. Good luck!

1991 Toyota Pickup Parts and Accessories

Can my founder/heirs marry someone they met at college?. Copyright © 2018 HubPages Inc. and respective owners.

How To Make A Paper Ninja Star With Lined Paper

November 21, 2004

How To Make A Paper Ninja Star With Lined Paper

6-Sided Feeder with Poly Tub for Goats

Darn! The App Store allowed me to download the app, complete registration now the wheels are spinning on the final “registering your device”. Reading your review I know conclude this is because I’m in Canada?. If I don’t use PPH is there any charges? Ty

What's an ARJ File and How Do You Open One?

Place a lot of columns around the ground and build your house on top of it. When you are done, delete all the columns. Note: Make sure you have a way to get to the house, or no one can get in. Also, you can build a house up to ten stories high up. Make sure you put floor tiling on the top of the column so you can put another column on top of it.. Synopsis: release [OPTIONS] DIRECTORY Alternate names - re, rel Requires - Working copy Changes - Working copy, CVSROOT/history

Recent Guides & Product Reviews Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Undo the Damage With This Post-Binge Workout

Firefox Tip: Easily Find Version Information For QuickTime Java And Adobe Flash Player. © Copyright 2018 by DIRECTED.

Blood Pressure Diet Improves Gout

Don't worry about exact angles. Get the concepts, then you can keep healthy posture while you go about your life. Don't sit frozen in place. Movement is important for joint health. Joints don't have much blood flow. Joints get nutrition in and waste out by physical movement. Move freely in your chair instead of sitting still for hours at a time.. Question? Want to chit chat? Lonely? Reach out!

Auto Title Transfer in Massachusetts Can you use the “Ask for extra funding” with University EP on your founder? Or any heirs for that matter?

How To Make Good Garlic Butter For Garlic Bread

March 13, 2012

How To Make Good Garlic Butter For Garlic Bread

#1 1patriot4life [OP] Member

The reflog command gives a history of the complete changes of the HEAD reference.. Learn the ten secrets to gaining lean muscle mass quick! Get your body in an anabolic state in a hurry. See what you've been doing wrong!

Switching Split Power Supply ± 12V 500mA Split Supply

As a severe shortage of grass, hay, and corn is raising feed prices, many farmers and ranchers are desperately deciding whether they can afford to continue feeding their cattle, or to give up and sell off large parts of their herd. But with a cattle sell off creating a buyers market and driving down prices, many may regret shrinking their herd once the drought passes – when they will have to pay top dollar to replace cattle, if they decide to ramp up production.. Cattleman Buddy Smith looks on as Carl Willard of Peach Lumber loads his order of continuous metal pipe fence. The Cattleman's Association went together to fill a semi trailer for a discounted price.

Comparison to Other Wavemaster Heavy Bags Is Right Hand Drive Legal in the United States?

The biggest point of failure for beginners is giving up before they pass “the hump”

Apply glue to the rib portion of the side plate, above the pencil line.. A second neighborhood named Riverview[5] is available as a free download in The Sims 3 Store when the game is registered.[6]

How To : Replace drum brake shoes on a 2001 Honda Odyssey

Scale Scenes - Small goods store and small warehouse with choice of different textures. Paper models are in OO, N scale with instructions for printing in HO scale for railroad layouts. A free printable scale ruler as well. Very nice models.. How do I get both characters to the point I should be whaen I change characters the firs one moves to a random spot so I could never get this to work could somone please help me?

5 ways to spot financial scams and avoid being tricked by fraudsters

We are mostly used to carry out our work and obligations to our employers and others faithfully. Only with very good reason and in sort of unavoidable situations of emergency would we consider to not show up or come late without prior notice and arrangement. And once we arrive we would apologize and endeavour to make up for the time. How about our attitude toward our lord Jesus Christ? Are we as much or even more concerned when it comes to his service? Or are we more negligent when it comes to his affairs? Who really is our first and most important lord? How important to us is our service for him?. The Protect Shared Workbook dialog box appears.

How To Make Cook An Omelette

May 2, 2017

How To Make Cook An Omelette

basswidow Minister of Fire 2. NULL

Golf Courses in the Area  . We would like to assure you that we take all complaints seriously. We have already decided that next year we will change the company and the location for our trip and we hope that your son will consider joining us again.

"The Sims" : How to Kill a Sim with Fire

I have linksys wireless configure with dhcp,I have server which had been installed windows xp my question is that i want to give ip address the server.. Improve workout products include:

How to Set Up Netgear as a Repeater Wall Clock with Picture Frames - Photo Clock DIY Kit Standard Analogue Clock

News : 3,000 Bricks Make 1 Amazing Amy Winehouse LEGO Portrait

http://showupfitness...t_vs_muscle.jpg http://sflhealthandw...S-Fat-Loss3.jpg Exercise more on your arms , muscle is smaller than fat so your arms will look less flabby. Toned is better than flabby.. First, when it comes to the five crucial risk management pillars, it should be known that, in order to minimize our information security risks, we need to “ensure that we clearly define and precisely know what we are protecting, how we plan to protect it and its overall value. In this regard, the protection pillar is one of the first and most crucial for information security. Additionally, no matter how strong our protective measures are, there will be both internal and external breaches of it. The preferred approach in defining the detection pillar is to recognize the static and dynamic detection capabilities available. Static capabilities refer to a database of known past events for comparison, and dynamic events refer to patterns or trends of behavior that are considered unexpected or unaligned with requirements” (Ameri).

Ford vs Chevy Comparison – Size, Weight, and HP Per Pound

I was wondering if these would build muscles… I am 5’4 with and weigh 117 pounds but happen to have jiggly fat on the back of my arms..I’m not toned…. i really want an exercise that would lose the inches of my arms without it looking how the article was written on slimmer thighs… are these workouts also aimed at losing inches?. While this was pretty magical, we decided to take it to the next level this year. The fact was that the dirt and wood chips were a satisfactory but ultimately temporary solution. In any kind of rain or weather, the ground became very muddy, leaving guests' feet dirty (which led to dirt being tracked through our apartment). Plus, the woodchips disintegrated over the winter and had to be replaced every spring.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Mirror Sites Mirror Site #1. I would like to see if this works

How Do You Make Pom Poms From Tissue Paper

December 1, 2010

How Do You Make Pom Poms From Tissue Paper

Configuring an Access Point as a wireless repeater

Sand the repaired area with the included sandpaper to make the cast iron surface smooth to the touch. Remove any sanding dust with a damp rag.. Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV's processes. The date you see here reflects the most recent time we've verified this information with your state DMV. When they change something, we do, too!

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Photographer

Using conventional hay feeding rings, cattle ranchers can lose thousands of dollars per year in avoidable feed loss.. Conditions: Sunshine! And plenty of it. Snow conditions were a great mix of hard spots and soft-pack on the groomers and plenty of powder to be found off-groomer, making it the perfect conditions for demoing – a bit of everything. Quite cold in the morning but got quite warm in the afternoon (it was spring after all, but you’d never have known it with the amount of snow around and how cold it was in the morning!)

News :                       3,000 Bricks Make 1 Amazing Amy Winehouse LEGO Portrait Top 10 Meal Prep Tips: So You Can Spend More Time Doing What You Really Love 		 		 			By Guest | June 12 2018  		 		2 Comments

How To : These Are the ONLY Ways to Get Free V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale

Thanks Lisa! I do have it in several accents spots…I realized after writing this!. 7 “Bad Boy” Cocky Funny Text Messages to Send to a Girl

Q: What Is an Example of Neutralism?

Sims in The Sims 3 have six needs: hunger, bladder, fun, hygiene, energy, and social, omitting comfort and environment, two motives found in The Sims 1 & 2.[20] (Though their function is replaced by certain moodlets.). Home is where the heart is! Whether your Sims relax in a bubble bath in their luxurious bathroom, enjoy some down time in their exquisitely furnished bedroom, or wear new intimate apparel for their special someone, The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff adds some sizzle to their home life! From stylish bedroom sets to spa-inspired bathroom furnishings to romantic new lingerie and hairstyles, your Sims will relax in comfort and style.

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Skeletal muscle fibers differ dramatically from other tissues of the body due to their highly specialized functions. Many of the organelles that make up muscle fibers are unique to this type of cell.. i followed your advise on my site and it seems to be working for my android website. thanks so much

How To Make Pads For Shoes

September 13, 2004

How To Make Pads For Shoes

The difference between grid-tie inverter and stand alone inverter

Save Time with DMV Cheat Sheets!. Discover lively cultural festivals – Visit festivals where your Sims can watch street performers, enter competitions and meet other Sims from every walk of life.

For a whole-home solar panel system, work with a solar installer

An Antagonistic superset is when you work out opposite muscle groups. Although they are opposite muscles, they actually support each other during your movements. Let’s say that when you do dumbbell curls for your biceps, in the movement where you lower the dumbbells, your triceps are called into action as well. Similarly for the reverse movement of a bench press, your back is doing work, like when you are doing the bent over row.. The best way to do this is to break the supply of protein into smaller servings throughout the day for better absorption and assimilation. In short, eat your protein and eat good kinds such as beef, chicken, fish, whey, and egg whites.

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But, I also grabbed a few other supplies:. Age types of Sims within the game are baby, toddler, child, teenager, young adult (default age). Adult (middle age) and elder. The lifespan of a Sim can also be edited, making it any number of days between 25 and 960.

How to set up AT&T APN Setting for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone

To have aircrack-ng conduct a basic WEP key attack on a capture file, pass it the filename, either in .ivs or .cap/.pcap format.. Space is at a premium so I didn't want to make the table too large, yet I still wanted it to be fairly versatile. After removing the stock wings on my Craftsman contractors saw I decided to just add an extension on the right hand side and incorporate a router insert that I had already built.

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Conventional explosives press on the "tamper/pusher," compressing the plutonium until it reaches a supercritical mass. The initiator floods the area with neutrons to help get the chain reaction going. (Copyright Lee Krystek, 2007). Three different prototypes were built and tested before "Eagle" commercial production: